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Prostate Cancer & Radiotherapy

In order to help you to make an informed decision about prostate cancer treatment, we are compiling content from webinars recorded with international expert radiation oncologists, urologists and patient associations.

Please find below two first contributions.


How modern techniques can reduce side effects

Every year, millions of men in Europe are confronted with a diagnosis of prostate cancer. But solutions exist.

At Boston Scientific EMEA we believe in the power of educating patients on the various solutions available to fight this condition.

You are not alone: In this video we have a discussion with the Patient association Tackle Prostate Cancer about Radiotherapy, and how modern techniques can reduce the potential side effects of this prostate cancer treatment to maintain the quality of life.



What is SpaceOAR™ Hydrogel?
Questions and answers with Dr. Pedell

Dr. Clive Pedell shares information about available treatment options and discusses possible side-effects linked to radiation therapy.
While the recent developments in prostate radiotherapy may have lowered the risk for side-effects - the organs which are close to the prostate are still at risk during radiation.

Dr. Pedell reports that 10-20% of patients still get bothersome, long-term symptoms after radiotherapy. From his extensive clinical experience, he shares how hydrogel spacing may reduce these side-effects of radiation therapy, he explains how the procedure is carried out, what the gel is made of, and he also speaks to the safety level of this procedure.