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Clinically Proven To Reduce The Side-Effects of Radiotherapy

With over 25,000 SpaceOAR implantations worldwide, SpaceOAR is the number one prostate-rectum spacing device used to help preserve the quality of life from men undergoing radiotherapy. SpaceOAR is helping enable major advancements in radiotherapy treatment, not only reducing the side-effects but potentially improving radiation delivery and outcomes.


“I believe this hydrogel could benefit many men receiving prostate radiation therapy, and reduce many of the secondary interventions we see as a result of radiation exposure such as proctitis, incontinence and erectile dysfunction.”

– Mr Philip Charlesworth, Consultant Urological Surgeon



“SpaceOAR hydrogel creates a greater distance between the prostate tumour and other tissues, enabling us to concentrate the radiotherapy dosage provided to and reduce the chance of radiation harming other tissues close to the prostate such as the bowel.”

– Dr Suneil Jain, Honorary Consultant in Clinical Oncology, Queen’s University Belfast.


SpaceOAR Hydrogel Can Help Minimize Side-Effects of Prostate Cancer Radiation Therapy Treatment

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