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GenesisCare UK and Augmenix UK Ltd. Announce UK Partnership

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GenesisCare UK and Augmenix UK Ltd. announce a partnership to provide access to SpaceOAR Hydrogel, a minimally invasive hydrogel spacer, which lasts the duration of therapy and is proven to decrease unwanted side effects from radiotherapy treatment in patients with prostate cancer.


Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in the UK. Approximately 47,000 men are diagnosed each year, and it causes over 11,000 deaths annually.1 This disease is now the third most common cancer to die from, after lung and bowel cancer.2 Whilst many patients are successfully treated with radiotherapy, there are known risks and side effects that result from radiation damage to organs and tissues close to the prostate. SpaceOAR Hydrogel has been specifically designed to create a space between the prostate and other normal healthy tissues, reducing exposure to radiation and reducing the risks of normal tissue injury that can cause both short and long-term side effects, including rectal bleeding, rectal urgency and rectal inflammation.3

Aldo Rolfo, UK General Manager for GenesisCare said, “the side effects of radiotherapy can be a key decision for why it is not a preferred treatment option. Our partnership with Augmenix means we can offer all men with prostate cancer in need of radiotherapy an innovative and extremely safe treatment option at any of our eleven GenesisCare centres. SpaceOAR together with our high-quality radiotherapy treatment services and state of the art equipment provides men with the best chance of fewer side effects and an increased quality of life. We do not simply treat the cancer, we care for patients throughout their treatment and seek to ensure the best possible quality of life posttreatment.” NICE issued Interventional Procedure Guidance recommending the use of hydrogel spacers under “standard arrangements” in 2017. SpaceOAR Hydrogel is a biodegradable water-based implant that creates space between the rectum and prostate to help reduce exposure of the rectum during radiotherapy. This focuses radiation on cancerous prostate tissue and protecting healthy tissue in the same area (image 1).4

SpaceOAR Hydrogel has been evaluated in over 60 peer-reviewed publications and shown to be safe and effective in reducing side effects. The patient benefits include (image 2):

  • A reduction in rectal toxicity from radiation, over a three year period (9.2% control vs 2% treated)
  • A reduction in urinary incontinence, over a three year period (19.6% control vs 4.3% treated)3
  • A reduction in bowel dysfunction, over a three year period (20.5% control vs 5.4% treated)3
  • A reduction in erectile dysfunction, over a three year period (62.5% control vs 33.3% treated)5
  • An overall improvement in Holistic Quality of Life (HQoL) compared to patients who do not receive such interventions6

“We are pleased to be able to provide a safe, effective intervention that significantly benefits patients by reducing the side effects of radiation therapy. SpaceOAR Hydrogel is a proven solution that makes a real difference to men’s lives. We are excited to be working in partnership with GenesisCare to ensure SpaceOAR Hydrogel is made available throughout the UK” said, Stephen McGill, Vice President and General Manager of Augmenix.